• Is VMOA an indexed journal?

Yes. VOMA is indexed on JCR, Web of Science, Scopus, Scimago, Scielo, Latindex, and CONACYT.

  • Are authors required to pay for article processing charges?

No. VMOA is open access but has no publication fees. However, submissions must undergo professional English editing before they can be published. Likewise, submissions in Spanish must be translated to provide an English version of the paper. In those cases, authors have to arrange and pay for the English editing/translation service of their preference.

  • Does VMOA provide professional English editing services?

No. However, we do post a list of providers that have collaborated with VMOA in the past. Authors may contact them if they want to request their services.

  • Is it acceptable to perform English editing/translation with providers that are not listed on VMOA’s web page?

Yes. The corrected paper will be reviewed by our editorial board and, if necessary, it may be returned to authors for further corrections.

  • Does VMOA publish review articles?

Yes. Review articles that analyze and discuss advances (i. e. state of the art) in topics within the scope of VMOA are welcome. Moreover, systematic reviews and meta-analyses are also accepted.

  • Does VMOA accept submissions in languages other than English?

Yes. VMOA accepts submissions in Spanish and English