We accept original research articles, short communications, methods of analysis, and reviews. The following summary describes main features of article types considered for publication in VMOA. Please, refer to Submission Guidelines for a complete description of the contents and formatting of each article type.

Article type

Content requirements / description

Research articles

It should consider basic or applied original research within the scope of VMOA. A research article must test a scientific hypothesis or objective, and contribute new knowledge to its field.

Short communication

A short paper reporting results that are suitable for rapid dissemination. Some examples include discovery or development of a new theory, the reporting of confirmatory results in other settings, as well as negative results.


It may address any topic within the scope of VMOA. It must report the summary of advances and/or state of the art of a given subject and must be based on published articles. Historical perspectives and papers that do not analyze and discuss advances on a given subject will not be considered. 

Systematic review & meta-analyses

It presents results by combining and analyzing data from different studies conducted on a given research subject. It must be submitted with a completed PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) checklist and flow diagram, which are available at www.prisma-statement.org. It may address any topic within the scope of VMOA.

Research methods and analysis

It presents a step-by-step protocol that maybe useful to the scientific community. It should be linked to at least one peer-reviewed publication that used the protocol to generate results. It must provide supporting validation data demonstrating the described methodology is suitable for its intended purpose.