Vol 9 (2022)

ISSN: 2448-6760

Published: 2022-03-22

Economic analysis of different pregnancy rates in dairy herds under intensive management

Julia Alejandra Rios Mohar, Carlos A. López Díaz, Joel Hernández Cerón, Rafael Trueta Santiago

Detecting regressive feline leukemia infections and feline immunodeficiency coinfections in cats with clinical signs and hematological alterations related to retroviral infection

María Casandra Canto Valdés, Manuel Emilio Bolio González, Hugo Ramírez Álvarez, Gabriel Eduardo Acevedo Jiménez, Laura Conde Ferraez, Alberto Rosado Aguilar

Evaluation of two therapeutic options for naturally occurring osteoarthritis in police working dogs

João Carlos Alves, Ana Santos, Patrícia Jorge, Catarina Lavrador, L. Miguel Carreira

Effects of soybean and canola meals as dietary protein sources on the production performance and meat quality of shrimp

Rafael Escobar, María Salud Rubio Lozano, Juan Carlos Maldonado Flores, Gabriela Gaxiola Cortés, Enrique Jesús Delgado Suárez

Monitoring different causal patterns of bovine abortion syndrome

Paula Gädicke L'Huissier, R Chihuailaf, R Letelier, R Allende, A Ruiz, T Junod
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