Clinical and diagnostic aspects of experimental canine gnathostomosis

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César Álvarez Guerrero
Marco Antonio Muñoz Guzmán
Fernando Alba Hurtado


Stages of the parasite were detected in the gastric wall of four female dogs infected with Gnathostoma binucleatum larvae. One showed a nodule with adult worms inside, two had nodules with larvae and the other one had juvenile stages without nodules. Pre-patent period in the bitch with adult worms was 22 weeks and patent period was 14 weeks. Egg morphology and clinical profile were described. In the bitch with adult worms, a 57 x 24 mm cavernous mass was detected by ultrasonography in the stomach wall and by endoscopy the mass was detected projecting into the gastric lumen. Antibodies against larvae antigens increased (P < 0.05) after the second pi month; Western blot showed a sequential recognition of the antigens. Results provide useful data for canine gnathostomosis diagnosis.

Keywords: Gnathostoma, Canine Gnathostomosis, Diagnosis, Antigens, Elisa, Dog

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