Xanthinuria: a rare cause of urolithiasis in the cat

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Javier Del Angel Caraza
Israel Alejandro Quijano Hernández
Claudia Iveth Mendoza López
Inmaculada Diez Prieto
José Simón Martínez Castañeda
Carlos César Pérez García


Xanthinuria is a very rare disease in cats. Its etiology may have a genetic origin or may be due to an iatrogenic xan­thine-dehydrogenase inhibition that finally results in urolithiasis. The present work reports two cases of xanthine uro­lithiasis in European Shorthair unrelated male and female cats. Both uroliths were analyzed by stereoscopic microsco­py, infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Besides the report of these two clinical cases, a detailed pathophysiologic review and some updated recommendations for diagnosis and treatment for this condition were done.

xanthinuria urolithiasis cat

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