First report of hepatozoonsis in a dog from Tamaulipas, Mexico

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Verónica Carvajal
Consuelo Almazán
Gabriel Aguirre Guzmán
Carlos Alberto Barrón Vargas
Eric Fraga Escamilla


A 3-year-old male Bloodhound dog was presented to a private veterinary hospital at Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, with a 2-week history of weight loss, generalized weakness, anorexia and ptyalism. Results of a hemogram revealed moderate anemia with a chronic inflammatory leukogram. Also, various neutrophlis (approximately 10%) containing elongated pale blue staining intracytoplasmic inclusions, compatible with gametocytes of Hepatozoon spp were observed. Up until now, this is the first case report of canine hepatozoonosis detected in Tamaulipas.

Keywords: Hepatozoon Spp, Gametocyte, Dog, Amblyomma,

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